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Ed Quinn
Founder, and Producer

In addition to acting and music, Ed Quinn’s BROKEN SHORE ENTERTAINMENT is always very busy on the development front. Through years of experience in the entertainment industry and a deep connection to the California surf culture, Ed brings his unique lens to each project. The name, Broken Shore Entertainment, is inspired by the book Broken shore: The Marin Peninsula : a perspective on history, by Arthur Quinn (Ed's father). 

Broken Shore Entertainment believes in creating quality content that is relatable and able to resonate with a diverse demographic. Production highlights include:

Following an exorcism gone horribly wrong, the Vatican enlists the aid of retired exorcist Ramon Santiago to look into the event, which not only turned the village of San Meurto into a literal ghost town, but also took the life of Ramon’s only brother. Armed to the teeth and teamed with a beautiful young Latina and a burned-out psychic with ties to the occult underworld, Ramon travels back to Mexico and begins his investigation.  Kicking ass, taking names and hounded by the supernatural at every turn, he soon discovers that a dangerous drug cartel turned Mexican death cult is plotting to resurrect Satan himself, whose tainted soul was shattered into 666 fragments (demons) when he was cast from Heaven. His physical remains were buried deep beneath the Earth to rot for all eternity, until the cartel stumbled upon them while digging drug trafficking tunnels into the US. Now, Satan’s Tomb has been excavated, and the Apocalypse is close at hand. Lucky for us, so is the "Mexorcist." But can Ramon restore his dwindling faith in time, or will he inadvertently play right into the devil's hands? Only time will tell. For now, all we can know for sure is that evil finally has something to fear.

Andrew Cosby Ed Quinn

Peter Block Andrew Cosby Heather Courtney-Quinn Ed Quinn

A labor of love for Executive Producer Ed Quinn, this Science Channel show features Jean-Michel Cousteau, his son Fabien, and his daughter Celine embark on a gripping journey to investigate some of the ocean's strangest and most enduring mysteries including a re-opening of some investigations Jean Michel's famed father, Jacques, tackled during his pioneering career.

Executive Producer (2018-2019)
Ed Quinn

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A humorous ambitious show about surviving natural and supernatural disasters, written and created and hosted by Ed Quinn. 

Ed Quinn

Ed Quinn


Script sold to SONAR ENTERTAINMENT with Morgan Freeman’s Revelations Producing.

Set against the backdrop of 1001 Arabian Nights, the series follows Aladdin and his old friend Sinbad, lowly outlaws looking to make a name for themselves and repay their debts by robbing the Sultan’s treasury. But when their plan goes horribly awry, they make off with the Princess instead, inadvertently becoming embroiled in a political imbroglio and epic adventure that will ultimately see the thieves and their allies transformed into the unlikely heroes they were always destined to become.

Andrew Cosby | Ed Quinn

Andrew Cosby Heather Courtney-Quinn Ed Quinn | Revelations Entertainment


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